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Biomass Briquetting Plant Project

This company is extending across 2100 square meters of area in Rajkot, Gujarat. At our manufacturing unit our all Biomass Briquetting Equipments are equipped with the state-of-art technical and manufacturing amenities that construct matchless quality of Biomass Briquetting Press and their related machines.

With great conceit, Mr. Sanjay Tilala set up their company as the foremost manufacturer and supplier of excellent quality Biomass Briquetting Machine. We feel proud to say that we have installed successfully 1900+ projects in more than 65+ countries with satisfied clients across the globe. Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools has for more than 22 years been manufacturing and supplying complete briquetting solutions and plants for creation of industrial and consumer type briquettes all over the world.

Biomass Briquetting Process


Biomass Briquetting Plant is a type of mechanical type machine having features like environmental friendly machine which converts agricultural and forest waste like wheat straw, mustard waste, rice husk, maize stalks, bajra cobs, tree bark, bamboo, wild grasses, shrubs, leaves, groundnut shells, cashew nut shells, saw dust, coir pith, coffee husk, cotton stalk from solid fuel. In other words, this plant plays an important role in converting this wastage into bio coal, white coal and finished briquettes in a cylindrical form or fire wood by using high mechanical pressure but avoiding the use of any chemicals and by using binder less technology.

Definition: It is a machine used to recycle biomass waste into high calorific fuel briquettes. Briquetting process can be done at our well developed manufacturing unit from agricultural and forest waste with a maximum moisture substance of 8% to 12%.

Manufactured array of Biomass Briquetting Plant includes feeding system with screw conveyor, crusher, liquid mixer, briquette machine, belt dryer, distributing plate, lubrication system, cooling line, electrical panel, bin feeder, crusher cum shredder, turbo dryer CTD 60, etc. This plant is a replacement to conventional fossil fuels and can be used across various manufacturing facilities such as boilers, furnaces and kilns.

Coal Briquetting Plant is a type of briquetting plant which manufactures briquette fuels to supply in varied industries like: thermal power plants, metallurgy, refractory material factories and heating. Apart from manufacturing Coal Briquette, it can also generate charcoal, coke powder etc.

At our manufacturing unit, our highly qualified engineer works on the basic idea of “Best out of Waste”. Our briquetting plant is renewable and greener project that converts waste into briquettes and replace black coal, lignite and other fossil sources. Furthermore, the government also provides a special incentive who wants to install their own Biomass Briquetting Plant.



To produce excellent quality briquettes, we use binder less technology with mechanical type machines, as it has its own advantages like:

  • This plant is very easy to operate and maintain.
  • Lower capital cost due to indigenous parts.
  • At our manufacturing unit, we use worldwide accepted technology.
  • Our briquetting plant has the ability of a business, product and service to compete successfully and to make a profit due to higher production and lower converting cost.


  • As economical source and best alternative to produce heat.
  • Demand of briquettes rising due to rise in the prices of fossil fuels.
  • Tax benefits and other incentives offered by Gov.
  • Due to eco-friendly project no need for licensing.
  • Contain high density and high burning efficiency as compared to black coal.
  • Farmers can earn revenue through sell out of waste.
  • High Profitability
  • Excellent Growth Potentiality
  • Ready Market
  • Wide Variety and easy availability of agro-waste from various crops
  • Short gestation and quick returns
  • Employment Potentiality
  • Conversion of natural resources into Hi-tech energy & maintenance of ecological balance.

Our manufactured array of Biomass Briquetting Plant produces Briquettes that are very easy to store, pack and hygienic to handle. These briquettes have higher convenient thermal value and minor residue substance for example: 2 to 10 percent as compared to 20 to 40 percent in coal. Through this machine, generated briquettes have consistent quality, high burning efficiency and are perfectly sized for complete burning. As compared to fire wood or loose biomass, these briquettes give much higher boiler efficiency because of low moisture and higher density.


raw material biomass briquetting manufacturer, supplier, exporter in india
  • Generate electricity
  • Decreasing the use of fossil fuel
  • Decreasing the industrial waste
  • Clean heating in power plants
  • Creation of job opportunities

Going green is one of the ways that we will be capable to save our environment for upcoming generations. Due to the use of briquettes, we can help manage and conserve the environment. As a result, we should hold the continuous use of this source of energy to our advantage and set up our own Biomass Briquetting Machine to make profit now!

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